Sunday, 16 October 2016

down it fresher

3 weeks into uni i feel it's time for an update. it's pretty bizarre for me to type this but i really like it here. (((okay this is weird because i applied to be a student blogger and wrote a blog post practically identical to this))) but for real man i am loving it! i was queen of reluctance and even begged my dad to turn around as we pulled into the car park (always one for being melodramatic) but full of curly fries and vegan burger with a cutely decorated room i eventually warmed to it. it's scary af when you realise that you've moved to a new city and have to actually speak to the people on your corridor. i kept smiling nervously at the girl in the room opposite and my mum kept whispering to me to say hi but i felt like if i kept arranging photos on a cute little washing line somehow the inevitable speaking and making friends aspect of uni would go away. It did not. But after a week of vodka fuelled pre drinks and freshers' events the people on my floor are like a strange, dysfunctional second family. There's been many marks on the chunder chart, many drunken 3am toasties, the loss of half an eyebrow and an incident where someone's urine was consumed but hey, i wouldn't have it any other way (mainly because it wasn't me who drank the wee).

Right, first thing's first i wanna show you how cute my room was when i first moved in. It has quickly descended into something much less instagram worthy (ever vomited out of your nose all over the floor of your bedroom? It kinda loses its charm) but yeah it's still pretty nice. My room is smaller than the ones on the other side of the corridor but regardless I feel like we got very lucky compared to other uni rooms I've seen which resemble actual prison cells, though we're above the student's union so i guess it's kind of a compromise.

the people on my floor are incred. like i'm not just saying that in case they read this, they are all so so nice. i am particularly talented at making 0 friends (when i first started at my old job lotsa people got my name wrong and i didn't correct them for several months) but they are just all so normal!!!! I had expected to be housed with some absolute freaks because i just have low expectations of everything but everyone is nice and so tidy!! so so tidy!!! my flat mates cleaned our entire kitchen the other day for no reason whatsoever???? Thank you universe for bringing us together. It is fabulous. our pre drinks are always my fav thing ever though i think we have played just about every drinking game imaginable. I hadn't known what to expect of freshers' but it didn't disappoint at all. Some of the events were a little shit but every night ended up being fun regardless and dressing up (lol guess who didn't realise that every single bloody event was fancy dress and brought no costumes????) was entertaining.

I have since obtained the inevitable freshers' flu; i had it mildly the week after freshers and couldn't understand why some people were acting like they were dying until i got it properly last week; i'm currently acting like i've got the plague. I hardly leave my bed as it is but this has taken it to a new level and i went nearly 48 hours without leaving the flat before forcing myself outside in fear of getting rickets. the grounds and city are beautiful though so it is very worth leaving the flat. It's a bit surreal drunkenly strolling past the abbey and roman baths on nights out (and i do like to wander round- bad habit) but the city is lovely! Walking up the hill is not.

Something I want to quickly mention is how bloody expensive being alive is. Like for real. My rent is £1800 ish and my loan is £1200. A girl i know said in a really patronising way 'oh are your parents going to be supporting you through uni?' and like if they weren't i'd legit have moved out of accommodation and set up a bed in the library. I worked all summer but my savings are not going to last me the year!! I'm trying to budget £50 a week which i thought was reasonable, but here i am on a sunday night having just spent £42 on my food shop after a £3.30 gym class off to a £3 dance class knowing full well that i'll go out at some point in the next few days. So that's £1.50 to last me the week I guess x

The strangest aspect of uni so far is that i've kind of forgotten why i'm here. after freshers' there's this moment where you're like ??? degree ??? and then you remember that you're not actually paying £9000 a year for the sesh. Which is a real shame. My lectures are pretty good and interesting but a year out has definitely sacrificed several of my brain cells and i struggle to concentrate on anything. hopefully it just needs retraining! i've also joined some societies but not many; i'm off to latin and ballroom in a minute. Me! Who can't even dance in clubs. I also do yoga and zumba and amnesty international (if you don't know what that is have a quick google because it is great) and the gender equality society. The only issue is that i keep forgetting to go to the meetings or an actual classic was last week when i eagerly set off to amnesty international on my own, got lost and couldn't find where it was being held so ended up heading back to my room. Classic. Ah well, there's always next week!

Laura x

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