Tuesday, 9 February 2016

little update

It is now 3 weeks until i go travelling. Legit 21 days. So weird that this crazy thing we started planning when we were 15 is actually happening ah. I have my last shift in 15 days but I've massively reduced my hours until I go as there's still stuff to sort and plan.

This afternoon i have my last doctor's appointment; I'm getting my last hepatitis B vaccination, hepatitis A and typhoid. I'm also getting malaria tablets and having a separate doctor's appointment to discuss why i get such bad heat rash abroad and what i can do to prevent it. Fun times having the most annoying skin ever.

Last week I finally booked my insurance. I did a lot of research into insurance companies and they all had issues because i want to be able to insure my camera without getting the most expensive deal for everything else. In the end I went for STA's premier plus insurance. It was slightly more than i had hoped to pay but covers both my phone and camera and all activities I want to do whilst having cheaper excess than the cheaper policies. They randomly had 10% off insurance policies when I was booking so that was lucky!

We've also been doing research into visas, we were unsure how to obtain them for Laos. After emailing the embassy in London directly and asking around on tumblr we've decided to get them at the border, so I'm getting some dollars today and I've got passport photos.
We're also hiring a campervan to drive between Melbourne and Sydney for around 2 weeks so we've been trying to find the best company to use for this, obviously not wanting to spend too much, but at the same time using a reputable company so we aren't stranded in the desert.

Finally I've done a lot of my packing, which is weirdly organised I know but I don't want to be in a panic. I'll do a separate post on this nearer the time but it's going pretty well so far!

Oh and happy pancake day! Here's a stack I made earlier today

Laura x

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