Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Adventures around south england

Soz; I'd been getting pretty good at the regular posting thing but i kinda got shit again (lol). i think this may partly be due to the fact that i'm gonna make this like my public travel log p soon (may even post it on my facebook- cray) and so subconsiously i'm starting to panic at the propsect of people i know seeing my shitty writings. oh and my fam. soz for the language.

anyway, last weekend me and lauren set off on a lil road trip. as our pals returned to uni for their second term it dawned on us that we wouldn't see them until june. this isn't in fact true; people are coming back for weekends or reading weeks, but anyway, we panicked and planned a trip.

first up we went to Richmond where lauren's grandma lives. it's on the outside of london, technically Surrey i think, but it's a really nice area and the last tube stop on one of the lines so it's well convenient. we arrived there late on thursday and went out for dinner at a french restaurant with lauren's grandma and some family friends. classic me got drunk on wine, had to pretend not to be for the duration of the meal. goals. anyway, the food was super yummy and we then walked home via david attenborough's house (we didn't pop in; she just pointed it out, but i got very excited regardless).

the next day the plan was charity shop shopping and ikea. we ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way to ikea for approx ever but it was so worth it!!
I started getting some stuff for uni bc i've been putting it off for ages and ikea seemed like the perfect opportunity. it was mainly boring essentials; i'll spare you a photo of the chopping board and pen holder, but here are a couple of things i got (photos taken from the ikea website)
 I got some saucepans with detachable handles- food always being a priority. £6.50
I also got a set of 3 cacti which i love, sadly not as many as pictured here. £4.50

 I also got yet another duvet cover, it was either £10 or £15
I got these baskets in 3 sizes, one as a bin and the others for storage.

We also had veggie meatballs in the restaurant aka dream come true bc they're amazing!!

Next we went charity shop shopping in Richmond to maybe the best charity shop ever?! Still not over it. Lauren got the coolest converse in amazing condition for like £6, whaaaat.

I got these bad boys in perfect condition for a solid £9. They're from topshop and it was a small miracle, i started to question an existence in a higher being when i saw they were my size. can't find how much they were originally which is a shame as it reduces my ability to truly gloat, but I'm pretty sure they were in the region of £50
I also bought a black velvet shirt which I intend to wear over stuff instead of a cardigan to avoid looking truly middle aged on nights out, though that has become my style. It was £2.25 and in all honesty I can't be bothered to move to take a photo, hence the website photos in this post (lol) but imagine a black velvet shirt and you're there.

I also got a super pretty dress for £6! Idk i just thought it was very sweet, looked slightly weird wearing it to day-drink for 8 hours with reuben's flat mates in brighton as i looked like i'd stepped out of an enid blighton novel lol. yolo

 Here it resembles a sack- much like my body, but i promise it's pretty.

That night we went to see Wicked which was so fuckin good man why was i not gifted with acting or singing?! Breaks my tiny heart. Afterwards we ate loadsa snacks aka my fav activity then read Aly's World books. If you didn't love those as a preteen you were missing out i'm afraid.

The next day we went for a walk around richmond park with lauren's grandma. it's so pretty and there are parrots and deer so it doesn't really feel like england. it's one of my favourite places to visit and my parents used to drive round it on our way home from london.

Afterwards we went to visit Holly. She is one of my favourite humans and is at uni in london. We went to borough market which was so crowded i thought death was inevitable but luckily it wasn't. then we bought wine (so middle aged lol) and went back to holly's. within a couple of hours i was hungry again so we ventured to five guys and then around covent garden. i didn't take any photos but i just love covent garden a lot. and the fries i had were truly excellent.

That evening we drank said wine whilst watching The Conjuring with one of holly's flat mates. it was terrifying and i have never jumped more at a film. then we slept/ rolled around as me and lauren shared a single air bed and had the worst night sleep maybe ever. in the morn we went for brekkie at slug and lettuce which was very yum

We had lunch with lauren's grandma and then got our stuff ready and drove down to brighton that afternoon to see reuben and molly, as molly got there on the saturday. i can't really remember sunday evening which is weird as we didn't drink (lol) but we chatted to the housemates i think and ate a lot of food. the next day we popped into brighton and i had a burger at gourmet burger kitchen. again, i've let myself down on the photo front, but me and beth went to brighton so here are some photos from that as it was better documented.

We did a classic stroll along the pier but didn't go shopping which was sad bc the shops there are amaaaaaazing and i need to go again asap! I also tried to go to boho gelato which does amazing vegan ice cream and i was so excited but it was closed :( but there were so many vegan takeaways so if i go again i'd try those out!

That evening we drank wine and cider, watched tv and played never have i ever- my favourite way of getting to know new people.

The next morning me and lauren got up around 9.30, aka 4 or 5 hours before everyone else, and cleaned the kitchen. it was a mammoth task and i'm still scarred by how dirty it was when we started but it felt like a significant achievement when we finished. afterwards we drove home, stopping at a toby carvery to eat the biggest roast dinner known to man before completing the journey.

It was a nice break from work though probably sounds very uneventful?? Ah well, hope this wasn't too boring to read!

Laura x

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