Saturday, 23 June 2018

Chiang Mai- Sticky Waterfalls

Waking up on the night train is somewhat of an experience; the last time I got it I was woken by one of the train stuff pulling back the curtain on my bed as it was time to make my bed back into seats. To avoid a similar situation this time when I heard the staff coming down the carriage I hurriedly got up and went to get dressed. We then had an hour or so waiting to arrive in chiang mai, where we ate some snacks. After arriving we ordered a grab and headed to our hostel, which thankfully allowed us to use their showers- a blessing after a night travelling. 

After showering and changing we headed into town in search of food. Very quickly we found a restaurant selling really cheap food and we went there. The others got curry and I had some stir fried vegetables and rice and a pineapple and coconut shake for £1.70. Afterwards we spent a while tracking down a taxi driver who was willing to take us to the sticky waterfalls which were about 60km out of the city, and we managed to get a return taxi for 1000 baht (just over £20). We all napped for at least part of the journey but were very excited to arrive. The weather was a bit predictable which a random torrential rain storm mid morning but fortunately it brightened up when we were at the waterfall. 

We spent the next couple of hours climbing up and down the waterfalls. Amazingly the rock surface is not slippery due to the material it's made of, and it was so easy to climb! It was such a fun afternoon and the water was so clear and beautiful. At half 4 ish a monsoon-style storm started so we hurried back to our little tuk tuk bus and began the journey back. It wasn't ideal in the thunder and lightning but we made it back in one piece! 

After showering at the hostel we headed into town to visit the night market which is huge! We all got some different food; I finally tried mango sticky rice which was interesting and we browsed the different stalls looking at all the gifts and souvenirs before heading home to bed.

Laura x

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