Tuesday, 3 November 2015

day to day life

generally life isn't going that brilliantly. i am not one to be very open about my own problems, excluding a desperate whiney tumblr post which i'll delete 10 minutes later. this is somewhat ironic as i want to be a clinical psychologist but hey ho. i always get sad this time of year, perhaps a bit of SAD (google it). who knows. however, i have no reason to. everything is okay, really.

I paid for my flights in full last week! It was an exciting day, and a bit scary to spend £1584.35 over the phone. but it's done! i have paid for my flights and an island hopper tour and i cannot wait :----)
I also got the first of my vaccinations- hepatitis b, and got advice on the others i will need. suddenly feeling very real and soon!!!!

One of my best friends beth moved home. she left at the end of primary school and while we've stayed very much in touch throughout primary school and sixth form it is sooo fab to have her home!!!! i am so excited to have her within walking distance ahhhh
a year 8 selfie, jesus christ
post year 12 looking a bit better (plus alex!)
Beth now lives super close to my work which is gonna be amazing for when i have split shifts yay!!!

One of my oldest and best friends mollie is also in the process of being discharged from hospital which is the best news :))))) the last 2 years have been tough and i'm just so so so glad things are looking up for her. We had our first sleepover in over 2 years last night and it was the best
us looking absolutely gorgeous in year 9 x

so yeah!! life is actually good but i'm just p sad??? who knows, i'm sure this will pass soon

Laura x

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