Sunday, 23 February 2014

half term

I'd been so excited for half term as the last six weeks of sixth form have been sooo tiring! I had a great week but it passed really quickly and I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow :-(
I spent 3 days in London with some of my best friends and had an amazing time! Here is a video I made of our trip:
While we were there we went to lots of different places, including Portobello Road, Oxford Street, Whitechapel, Putney, Covent Garden, Hyde Park and for little walks across the Thames. We stayed in Richmond and it was amazing and ah I really want to go back.
portobello road

caffe nero overlooking the thames

cupcake from hummingbird bakery!

getting ready to go out.. shit we were wild in london!


a bridge :-))


Hyde Park


omfg the hottest guy ever in GBK... you can just about see him (beard) I LOVE HIM

me with loz and morwenna!

Hope you've all had a lovely week!
Laura x

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