Thursday, 17 October 2013


I think all of us suffer slightly from SAD
That might sound a bit strange but SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder and is a form of depression affected by the seasons changing, and usually occur in the transition into winter. The two main symptoms are:
-being less active
-sleeping more

Sounding familiar?

This post is a bit obscure but although I'm not a fan of waking up and it being dark, cold and rainy, I love autumn!!! So idk I'm making a post about it!!

1: jumpers and knitted things

I cannot express my love enough
They are my staple wardrobe piece and I love them so much

I really need to go charity shop shopping and get some more, but until then here are few photos of mine

bargain cardigan, it was £2 from a chairty shop

This is probably my favourite knitted thing. It was my mum's over 20 years ago but I adopted it nearly 3 years ago, I love it so so much!!
Lovely jumper that my friend Becky gave me
Amazing jumper from hollie ( which i love and where all the time

omg my amaze £3.99 jumper from a charity shop ahhhh my baby

2: hot drinks

Omfg I drink hot drinks all year round but they are sooooooooo good!!!
Most of my instagram feed is hot drinks lol and when I think of autumn I think of sitting in cafes with hot chocolates or coffees chatting yay for hot drinks
I drink 4 or 5 cups of tea a day which is pretty low for me but i just love hot drinks wow
A few pictures from my instagram, all from the last 6 weeks... oops!

3: Christmas!!!

Okay, Christmas is in winter, and October is perhaps a little too early to be considering it, but pinterest is fab for Christmas inspiration and it's starting to get exciting!! A week tomorrow will be 2 months until Christmas, and not going to lie, I'm already excited!
A screenshot of the first page of 'Christmas' on pinterest. If this doesn't excite you you're lying to yourself

4: Lying in bed with about 50 layers on

I actually like being cold at night because I can just put on more and more socks, jumpers and hoodies and be all cosy!!

 There are loads more things I could write but these are my top four okay

Here is my Autumn playlist which I think is fab and not particularly autumnal but I think it would be nice to listen to tucked up in bed with a jumper and a hot drink

I was considering doing an autumn/winter outfit post but I'm worried no one's interested and I'll look vain!! Ah idk if you've read this please comment or follow or whatever!

From Laura x


  1. Hi! I love autumn so much too, and I think you named all the reasons why. The best is drinking hot drinks and big jumpers, I guess :) I just found your blog (I was following you on tumblr), and I find it cute :)

    Mathilde from

    1. AW that's really sweet! Thanks a lot :-) Autumn is fab xxx